The Value of Learning a Musical Instrument

It is very important for everyone to have an outlet of some sort, particularly to alleviate stress. Athletics, art, and playing a musical instrument are all fantastic outlets for stress.

For most people who remember their teenage years may remember how truly challenging and stressful they really were! With all the many emotional and physical changes that occur during this ackward time in life can be difficult to deal with, to say the least.

For this reason, it is extremely important for teenagers to have an outlet! Being involved in sports, doing art, or playing guitar or drums are certainly better outlets than watching television or just listening to music. Mainly because the first three require right brain activity.

If you are a teenager, or a full grown adult, I encourage to find something that you enjoy to manage stress. We all know stress can take years off your life, and managing it is critically important!

If you are already involved in a sport, then good for you. If not, it may be difficult to break into one at this point. Most people who are excelling in a particular sport typically have been involved in it since elementary school. Given that fact, joining a team at this stage may be rather intimidating! But, that's not to say you can't get involved in a sport at your local YMCA.

They usually have something going on that is open to their members who simply just want to have fun and burn off some stress.

If you are involved in art, then again, good for you! It seems art is something one truly enjoys if he or she is good at it. Those who are not good at it typically will not stay with it for long. It's like anything, though... the better you are at something, the more you tend to enjoy it. And the reverse is true as well... the more you enjoy what you're doing, the better you will become at it.

Playing a musical instrument is in a different realm altogether. Opportunities abound practically for anyone that didn't have an interest as a child (as opposed to playing sports). And, unlike art, learning to play a musical instrument such as the drums, guitar, keyboard, or a wind instrument may open many doors of opportunity like possibly joining a rock band, jazz band, or a marching band. Also you may be able to participate in local theatre and competitions.

Learning to play a musical instrument is linked to improved coordination, higher concentration levels, improved language skills, improved social skills, improved memory skills, and higher test scores.

So, if athletics or art are activities you are not too excited about, give a musical instrument a try. There are schools and music teachers who offer lessons for people of any age and skill level. There are also numerous books that are self-teaching, which will give you basic instruction to help you get started.


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